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We are currently set to start conversations with individuals and representatives of partner organizations who would like to explore the fundamentals of Quantum Negotiation including opportunities to participate in an eLearning course focus group, help organize a Quantum Partnership book discussion, simply complete a survey regarding the use of Quantum practices, or schedule a short one-on-one conversation with Quantum Negotiation trainers.

Quantum Partnerships

Here are some of the topics we are exploring for conversation starters:

  • Following the introduction to Quantum Negotiations, would you like to know more about your own individual style of personal and professional practice of negotiation?
  • Would you like to explore and enhance the how(s) and why(s) of nurturing intentional awareness to increase positive relationships, the seeds of partnership building in both professional and personal environments ?
  • Would you like to clarify heightened emotions, feelings, and behaviors to enhance getting what you need through partnership building - learn the discipline of and understand the freedom gained from Quantum Negotiation preparation?
  • Do you want to have an integration of both your partnership skill development with your self-directed personal and professional development?

Tashi Delek

Endless gratitude for the many individuals and practitioners who support our partnership learning goals and research with a specific thank you to Riane Eisler, the folks of the CPS learning team, and all Global Partnership Leaders including Karen Walch and Anna Sokolova, thank you!